Port Huron City Council Candidate



The best way to build a community is to work on problems together. The solutions are products of ourselves.

The product of our own people, working together.

This city is home.

        Tyler Moldovan was born in Michigan and throughout his life he has had the opportunity to live in a variety of communities around Michigan and beyond, but this is the city he chose to call home. 

A creative by passion, mechanic by trade

    Over the past 5 years Tyler has been a keen spokesperson for the city, he’s a creative by passion and a mechanic by trade. He believes the difference between an artist and everyone else with a vision, is an artist gets it done. Tyler has brought a successful film festival back to Port Huron (Desmond District Demons) and also started the Black River Film Society which looks to encourage our community to create, watch & love film by hosting premiers/screenings and open to the public events! 


    Port Huron has really taken a hold of Tyler, he’s in love with the charm, the opportunity and the beauty of this city. Tyler Moldovan is a self-described human pocket knife, he has a passion for figuring out how something works, and how it can work better. 



Port Huron is the Urban, Commercial & Cultural Center of Michigan’s Thumb Region.

Fixing Port Huron’s Image

    It is time for Port Huron to grow up. We are not a small town, we are the Thumb Area's urban center. This city should feel proud to say Port Huron is their home. That starts on the neighborhood level, with defining and creating a unified  vision for what our city is and what we want it to be. It does not take big checks or monumental action. It starts on the personal level, with incremental investments in our communities to create compounding bottom up action.

            Pro Cannabis

Two years ago, Michiganders voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing marijuana. The cities that have embraced this decision and created provisions for marijuana businesses have experienced economic and cultural revitalization due in part to the creation of quality jobs in this budding industry. 

            Substance Abuse is a Mental Health Crisis

Criminalization is an ineffective means of dealing with the endemic substance abuse disorder that is ravaging communities across the United States. Rather than continue to pour endless amounts of money into jails, we should reinvest those funds to partner with and expand the recovery organizations that already exist in our community, whose proven mission is to guide patients to recovery and reentry, rather than create a system of recidivism.

Kickstart Entrepreneurs

Many commercial buildings are going to be stuck in a type of financial purgatory, one where they can’t fill vacant space at current lease rates but they also can’t lower the rent due to financing agreements. Particularly in strategic locations (ones that fill streetscape gaps and connect places), use pop-up commercial spaces to seed the next generation of our local entrepreneurs. 

Public Art

We need to get serious about supporting art in this city. Promoting and helping find funds for local art is advantageous to the community at large - not only does it support people pursuing their passions, it also helps stimulate the local economy. Public art helps create a more distinctly beautiful city and helps bring out our natural personality. That is something that makes people want to live here, and stay here.

A Bike & Pedestrian Friendly City

Making cities more bike & pedestrian friendly helps them function more efficiently and increases access to jobs and services. Expanding bike lanes and planting trees along our sidewalks would improve accessibility as well as beautify our neighborhoods.  The task of city-building must shift dramatically, from building more to making better use of what we already have. 


I’m a designer and a tinkerer. I appreciate the thought and purpose behind everything in our daily lives. I applaud people who create things with intent and purpose. I despise unthoughtful decision making. I think that those are some core tenants to good Urban Design. I’ve studied package design to industrial design to graphic design and city design. Here is the ever-growing list of the resources I can cite that have helped me come to my conclusions.